Army Of Me Army Of Me Remixes And Covers
Army Of Me - Björk
After the disastrous tsunami which struck Southeast Asia in late 2004, Björk began working on a new project, Army of Mixes. This new project recruited fans and musicians from around the world as Björk posted on her website the need for the covering and remixing of the 1995 hit, "Army Of Me". Björk was overwhelmed with the 600 responses which came flooding in. Out of these Björk as well as co-writer Graham Massey, picked the best twenty to appear on the album. The album was released in April in the UK and in late May 2005 the US. It peaked at number fourteen on the dance albums chart in the UK. As of January 2006, the album had raised around £250,000 to help UNICEF's work in the south east Asian region.
01. Army Of Me Interzone - Canada
02. Army Of Me Grisbi - France
03. Army Of Djur 50hertz feat.Häxoroch Porr & Slagsmålsklubben-Sweden
04. Army Of Me The Messengers Of God – Gt. Britain / US
05. Army Of Me Dr Syntax'n'CB Turbo v Rivethead – Gt. Britain
06. Army Of Me Dr. Gunni - Iceland
07. Army Of Me Martin White (Accordion Mix) – Gt. Britain
08. Army Of Me Hemp - France
09. Army Of Me Lunamoth – Gt. Britain / Ireland / Germany
10. Army Of Me Beats Beyond (Bersarinplatz Mix) - Germany
11. Army Of Me Peter Baker (Baker Mix) – Gt. Britain
12. Army Of Me Random – Gt. Britain
13. Army Of Me Atoi - Denmark
14. Army Of Me R.Luvbeats (The Liquid Riot Mix) - New York City
15. Army Of Me Alfredo Lietor (Pink Battle Mash U) - Spain
16. Army Of Me Patrick Wolf (Army Of Klaus Remix) – Gt. Britain
17. Army Of Me Neetoo (Undancing remix) - France
18. A(r)mour Liliom - France
19. Once More Mikhail Karikis (in CoF Minor) -Greece
20. Army Of Me Tor Bruce - Sweden • homediscographyprebjorkbiographylyricsvideographyfilmographyphotogallerylinkscompasssitemap